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A Winning Trip

By Carrie Werbler, media planner, Draftfcb New York

For someone who has never, ever “won” anything…learning that I was the Draftfcb employee raffle winner was as exciting as the prize itself. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried to win things, I play scratch-off games and enter contests whenever I get an opportunity, but my no-win record is the reason I had trouble believing that I won a trip to SeaWorld during our agency-wide holiday party in New York.
I was busy wrapping up work before the start of the 2012 holiday break so I didn’t have the time to make the party. It was a colleague who ran to find me after 5 p.m. to tell me that I had won and that (gulp), I was going to have to accept my prize in front of the entire agency. Initially, I thought my colleague was playing a cruel joke, but eventually I joined my fellow Draftfcbers and accepted my prize from our CEO, Dana Maiman, with blushed cheeks and shaky hands. 
The trip was for four. So my boyfriend and two of our friends spent a jam-packed weekend in Orlando, Fla. for some amusement park fun. SeaWorld gives off a “relaxed” vibe. The music played throughout the park is soothing and before we knew it, six hours had gone by although it felt like half that time. 

At the park, we spent a good amount of time petting and feeding Sting Rays. I mustered up the courage to pet them, but it was my boyfriend who had the nerve to feed them the shrimp he had bought. The dolphin show was amazing and I couldn’t believe how well trained and smart these mammals were. I wasn’t sure whether Shamu and the whales could top the dolphin act, but clearly, I was wrong. The tricks and techniques the trainers were able to do with the whales were truly unbelievable and highly entertaining. Finally, I could not leave the park without riding the two rollercoasters: Manta and Crackle. These rides were the perfect end to the fun and thrilling day we had at SeaWorld.
My trip to SeaWorld blew all of my expectations out of the park (pun intended). The park employees were kind, the atmosphere was tranquil yet exciting and the Floridian weather made for a perfect day. Every animal with which we interacted was fascinating and each show we watched was highly entertaining. I would certainly go back and wouldn’t mind Dana handing me another raffle win.