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Creating Stories: Draftfcb’s “Advertising Deconstructed” Seminar

What makes a story great? The type of story that is universally shared and liked across borders?
On May 9, 2013 during Creative Week in New York, Draftfcb sponsored a panel discussion with some of its network’s most creative minds to answer these questions. The seminar, “Advertising Deconstructed: Connecting Across Cultures,” focused on three Draftfcb creative campaigns: The "Oreo Daily Twist," created by Draftfcb New York, UTEC’s water-generating billboard, created by Mayo Draftfcb Peru, and the MINI/SPCA "Driving Dogs" campaign, created by Draftfcb New Zealand.
Each of these campaigns resonated so well with a worldwide audience, that the audience itself promoted and shared the campaigns with others creating a viral momentum that brought the campaigns to new heights.
The Draftfcb panelists included:
Javier Campopiano, chief creative officer, Draftfcb New YorkHumberto Polar, chief creative officer, Mayo Draftfcb PeruPeter Vegas, senior copywriter, Draftfcb New Zealand
Each panelist shared their view on what makes for timeless and creative work including humor, relevance, and an end result that speaks to a sense of humanity.
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