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Draftfcb Goes to College...


At Draftfcb NYC, we’re always looking to grow and nurture our brand through organic and innovative campus outreach efforts.
This year, out came our new Campus Ambassador program! This fall, we have enlisted a group of summer interns to spread the word and represent Draftfcb on their college campuses. In the group are:
Rayna Shah/University of the Science, Philadelphia
Cameron Tidball Sciullo/University of Redlands
Adriana Gonzalez/University of Pennsylvania
Melanie Kuta/University of Illinois
Alex Kreinces/American University
Alexandra Lopez-Vila/Wellesley College
These ambassadors worked in our office as summer interns and are pleased and excited to keep the Draftfcb connection throughout the coming school year. They are extremely passionate and enthusiastic about not only the work they completed over the summer, but about their entire experience at the agency. And we are excited to keep them on board as our ambassadors.
Our Campus Ambassador program will enable Draftfcb to recruit more successfully and be more involved in so many ways. First and foremost, it will allow us to keep working with interns who have proven their abilities and passion for our agency. They can talk about Draftfcb based on their experience here and the hands-on work they did over the summer. And, because no two schools are alike, the ambassadors will also help us to better customize our efforts for the different student populations at different universities. We’ve already set up campus events such as career fairs and interview days where the campus ambassadors will help spread the word prior to the event, be able to answer questions in real time and draw traffic to the event. This is a crucial piece to our success because our ambassadors know how to get in touch with interested students and how to get them to the event.
We also want to work with the ambassadors to create long-lasting dialogues with potential employees and others at the campus, thus securing our presence on campuses that attract the best and brightest students. To that end, we are getting involved with on-campus organizations and interest groups by sponsoring events and holding information sessions and mock interviews.
We’ve also learned from our interns that advertising as an industry usually isn’t a career option most students initially consider. We want to help change that ... by exposing students to the job opportunities, culture and experiences our agency affords — and to really open up their horizons years before they even start looking for their first job!