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Draftfcb Rocks at Advertising Week’s Battle of the Ad Bands

By Jack Krause, VP group copy supervisor

From left to right: Brendan Gannon, Galo Erazo, Brian Pratt (drums) Jack Krause, Rob Torre, Kara Kinsey and Lori-Morgan Brownell
Draftfcb’s Oilcan Addicts, a conglomeration of diverse musicians who share a common love for greasy gutbucket blues and an occasional foray in funk, let loose on an unwitting industry audience at the 2012 Battle of the Ad Bands, Tuesday October 3.

With Galo Erazo showcasing his soul-drenched blues pipes as lead vocalist, Brendan Gannon and myself sharing lead guitar duties, Kara Kinsey and Lori Morgan-Brownell on dirty background vocals, and the boiler room rhythm section of Rob Torre on bass and Brian Pratt on drums, we reminded everyone at the Highline Ballroom that fries don’t go with that shake – you gotta pay your dues.
True to our industry, the evening was competitive, adrenalized, and diverse. More agencies than you could shake a dipstick at showcased their bands and, for the first time, their DJs.
The 6.5 philosophy comes pretty handy at an event like this: you’ve got 10 minutes to plug in, play your set, and get out. Break a string? You’ve got five other ones. Pedals not working? Don’t use ‘em. Mic not loud enough? Scream more. Crying about gear is so not rock and roll.
We slayed the crowd, but the judges ultimately didn’t give Oilcan Addicts the victory we craved. Now, we're jonesing for a big win at Pharmapalooza on November 7.  Stay tuned.