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Espresso of Innovation: Crack Content

By Martin Talks, president of digital, Draftfcb UK
Hello and welcome to this week's Espresso of Innovation; the hottest news and strongest stories from the world of creativity and technology filtered into a quick shot of inspiration. This week, we’re mainlining the internet.
The term "content marketing" is one of the hottest digital marketing phrases. And no wonder: we are all addicted to information. After all, you're reading this at the moment...and probablymulti-screening at the same time. So how can brands get in on the act and publish enough relevant content? The best advice for brands is that they should curate content as well as create it. But where should they look for shareable material?
RSS feeds have long been used to aggregate stories of interest and Google Reader used to be the main way of organising and searching the various RSS feeds you were interested in. The project wasshut down with major outcry from the tech community at the beginning of this month. However, alternatives are already gaining traction; including the newDigg Reader,Feedly andAOL Reader.
The audience for this type of service is large and with increasingly sophisticated personalisation technology there are plenty of innovative, flexible tools to fill the need for customisation – many still in beta version:Archetype Me is a service that helps organise your content around the sort of archetype you are. Not only does it, "bring you stories that sizzle, cool videos, connections with friends and a new way to collect and curate from the web," but it also rather ambitiously aims to, "explain who you are and how you engage with the world around you." With businesses increasingly focusing on brand personality to differentiate, this could be extremely useful.Rockmelt is a great piece of tech for multitasking Social Media Managers. It’s an auto-syncing social browser for iPad and Android that goes out and gathers your news for you, then delivers in a smart "stream" or "feed" interface. The experience is a bit like Flipbook meets Pinterest.Flockler not only helps brands to discover relevant content, but also speeds up their publishing process and can be used to distribute social magazines optimised for iPad and other tablets, mobile and the web.Little Bird promises to get you into the right conversations with the people who matter most. It is a, “searchable reference book made up of dynamic archives of subject matter experts.” In other words, it's a way to discover who is influential in the topics that you are most interested in. It does this by searching through Twitter streams, blog posts and LinkedIn pages to find the most influential people, companies and reading material on your chosen topic.
These newest technologies can really help brands go beyond their primary propositions and connect with increasingly versatile consumers by creating, curating and distributing content to feed their appetites. The key challenge for marketers in charge of digital is to analyse these changing online behaviours, cherry-pick the best, most relevant information and package it in an engaging way.