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Teens Are Still On Facebook

By Laurie Dillon-Schalk, planning director, digital & social media, Toronto

We’ve been watching various memes emerge suggesting teenagers are abandoning Facebook.
Naturally, this would have strong implications for brands needing to understand why teens are leaving and where they are going so they could continue to reach their coveted target market.
Yet, new research into usage now indicates that teens are indeed still on Facebook.
At the end of the day – we need to be very conscious of all segments and their preferred social channels. And while we see strong responses from Facebook confirming active teenage use, we need to create activations across multiple channels and measure the performance of brand communications with rigor. The Pew research report that came out this week is very well written. Truth is, while teenagers are still on Facebook, they are fickle and use many platforms.
Clickhere to read the new Pew research to see exactly what the experts are saying.