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The Mobile Mix

By Dirk R. Rients Chicago management director, mobile

It’s estimated that 10 percent of consumers’ time is spent on a mobile and yet roughly one percent of ad dollars go to this segment – why is that? Well, that’s what a mix of brands, agencies and vendors were discussing at the Mobile Media Summit and Mobile Marketing Association's SM2 events in New York during Advertising Week.
We know that consumers love their mobile devices and spend a lot of time using them. We also understand that this presents an avenue for brands and marketers to reach consumers. Yet the integration of mobile into the overall strategy for most brands leaves something to be desired.
As part of a panel titled How to get REAL Mobile Money from my Clients NOW, I, along with other agency leaders in the mobile space, discussed how to get brands to consider a mobile strategy as part of every campaign and how to drive them to spend more on mobile.  What we’ve seen is that those brands that embrace mobile and innovate, generally shift more of their budget to mobile from other media channels such as TV and print. These brands also typically allocate a small percentage of their spending to testing different opportunities in mobile to determine where and how much more they can and should spend on mobile.
Both conferences were filled with great content including case studies that showcased the power of mobile. To end the week of events, Bonin Bough, VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods), unveiled a new program called Mobile Futures.  The program aims to promote mobile innovation by partnering with start-up mobile companies and entrepreneurs.  Bonin also announced that the company has set a goal of investing 10 percent of their budget on mobile. This is ideal and it would be great to see more brands taking this approach. Let’s face it, to really move toward a more integrated approach to marketing, mobile has to be part of every campaign. The big question on the minds of the attendees and the industry overall is how do we get more brands to do this? The idea is to have this conversation early on and make mobile an integral part of every campaign’s success.