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Top 10 Things to Know about the Global Mobile Shopper

By Janet Rose, SVP, group director strategic planning and Charlie Cook, global planning & research analyst

Globally, mobile shoppers represent about 50% of the market in each of the global hubs that we surveyed in our new study: “The Mobile Shopper: A 2013 Draftfcb Global Shopper Snapshot.” Here are 10 things to know about mobile shopping globally:The mobile phone tends to redraw shopper gender profiles. Mobile shoppers globally are more male than female (54% vs. 46%).Globally, the mobile shopper is 25-34 years of age, with an average age of 33.Shopping on a mobile phone exists in a variety of places: at home, on-the-go, at work and in store. All of these locations figure into the mobile shoppers’ lifestyle.  While price checking and deal seeking is one aspect of mobile shopping, it is not the exclusive focus of mobile shoppers.  Mobile shoppers do many more activities on their mobile devices including researching information, comparing products and services and more. Most mobile shoppers, 72 percent, say they can’t live without their mobile phone. Because of this passion mobile shopping appears staged to grow.Mobile shoppers in some markets currently skew toward smartphones but for many locations feature phones still provide the connection needed to shop.While more mature markets may have greater mobile phone penetration and a longer history of use, developing markets have embraced mobile and marketers have a great opportunity to mold, develop and build their mobile shopping experience tailored to the shopper and device profiles in their markets. Mobile phones are an important tool for mobile shoppers. A majority of mobile shoppers, 81 percent, believe that mobile phones allow them to shop wherever they want around the clock, seven days per weekMobile shoppers are more likely to adopt new innovations. Usage of eWallets, for example, stands at 18% and could triple with 53% of survey participants saying that they see themselves using it in the future.All respondents see their mobile shopping behaviors increasing in the future.

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