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We Won Some Awards at the Mena Cristal Festival...

By Alain Hochar, chief creative officer, Mena

… more like 10 of them!
But who’s really counting? When what we gained in reputation is worth more than bronze, silver and gold combined.
Creative. Fun. Daring. Doers. Award winners. Innovative. Humane. That’s how the attendees of the Mena Cristal 2013 saw Horizon Draftfcb. And see us they did, since we were everywhere--literally; from the branding, to our own sponsored cocktail and saxophonist, up until the stage of the award ceremony.
We surprised everyone, we competed with everyone and then we warmed their hearts up, every time we won, with Carmen’s September Christmas, making them forget about the competition; all the while they applauded Carmen and Horizon Draftfcb relentlessly. In award shows, agencies praise and applaud their own entries, but in our case, everyone was Horizon Draftfcb, everyone was Tamanna… Carmen created magic in the room; applauds and tears overlapped the case video that was playing on giant screens.
The big learning is that the best way to become a top of mind agency is to become a top of heart agency.
By the way, someone, somewhere had to count: 32 entries... 12 shortlists... 3 Bronzes... 4 Silvers and 3 Golds. A good ratio!
Tamanna Video