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XX_cpt: Bringing Public Spaces to Life

This is the second installment of the Global Talent Spotlight, an in-depth look at employees from all over the globe who take their creativity to the next level. From street artists, singers and comedians to painters, authors and documentarians, our FCB family is full of amazingly interesting people who all have a story to share. 

We are Ana Rocha and Sharleen Hollick. We met three years ago when we began at FCB Cape Town as an art director and designer, respectively. We soon became friends and realized that we enjoy working with our hands and taking on a different approach to our normal creative outlets. Our common love for the seemingly impossible projects was the beginning of Xx_cpt.

Xx_cpt is a creative collaboration that looks at public spaces in a fun and creative way. So far, we have cross-stitched on public fences, using fabric remnants of material from local fabric suppliers. It’s art for art’s sake. It’s fun, free and brief-less. Most people think we’re a little bit crazy. Maybe they’re right!

In a country like South Africa, fences are a necessary part of safe living. Most people see them as serving only a practical purpose and try to make them as invisible as possible. We want to bring brightness to something that usually has a negative connotation.

We realized that when creating our cross-stitch pieces that we barely spend any time in the streets of our own neighborhood. It's been wonderful to be a part of something that triggers conversations with people from different walks of life.

Public space is a bizarre thing. From its name you'd think that it belonged to everyone, but the reality is that it feels unwelcoming. What we love about our projects is that they allow us to experience the exact opposite. Hopefully, in doing so, we also get people to stop their daily routine and take a look around. The goal is to brighten other people's days and surprise them along the way, which is awesome.

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