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Yum! Uses Mom to Help Fight World Hunger

By Jarvie Taylor, Draftfcb Chicago Assistant Account Executive
This year our Yum! client asked us to create a World Food Programme TV spot that would inspire a strong emotional response from viewers. “Every night millions of children go to bed hungry” is a copy line we’ve used before in such spots to convey hunger’s widespread impact on the most vulnerable and innocent: children. This year we pushed that insight further to create a "Mom" spot, which tells the story of a mother’s pain watching her children suffer from hunger. Variations of the spot feature a mother crying at home because she’s unable to comfort her hungry daughter as she tries to sleep.
Superstar singer Christina Aguilera has partnered with Yum! Brands on behalf of WFP for several years and she speaks in this spot not only from a mother’s perspective but as someone cognizant of using her celebrity image to help WFP’s cause. Her line:  “Use your voice for good,” links to the notion that as a singer she literally uses her voice for good to assist WFP, encouraging viewers that they, too, can speak out against world hunger.
This is my second year working with Yum! Brands and the World Food Programme. Both years provided a fantastic opportunity to further develop my account management skills by working with a different client and solving new challenges. Our goal here, instead of selling chicken (the end-goal as an account person on the KFC team), was to encourage people to donate to WFP. Working on this project challenged our team to think in new ways and of new ways to encourage viewers to interact and donate.  The World Food Programme is an organization that we are proud to support year after year. Many thanks to our team: Dave Trifiletti, Kris Langager, Tyler Hattery, Mike Lyons, Ryan Delafosse, Chris Johnson, Mary Beth Parton and Karen Laurich for all their hard work on “Mom.”