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CANSA’s ‘Testi-monials’ from FCB Cape Town, Hellocomputer One of 2016 Loeries Most-Awarded

Press Release - South Africa, 23 August 2016


The campaign devised by FCB Cape Town and brought to life by its sister agency, Hellocomputer, for Cancer South Africa (CANSA) earlier this year was one of the most-awarded at the 2016 Loerie Advertising Awards Festival held in Durban this weekend (August 20, 21).


‘Testi-monials’ notched up a total of 6 awards including 3 Golds, 2 Silvers and 1 Bronze.


It was created to remove the awkwardness around and drive awareness for testicular cancer. Featuring animated testicles giving ‘testi-monials’ about cancer and how they have been personally affected, it also gave advice on how to self-examine and help detect signs and symptoms.


“’Testi-monials’ was not a safe campaign by a long shot,” said FCB Africa Group CEO and Group Chief Creative Officer, Brett Morris. “But it proved to be the right response to the challenge of getting men comfortable about talking about the disease.


“Congratulations to the brave folk at FCB Cape Town and CANSA, and of course to the talented artists and professionals at Hellocomputer,” he said.


“Well done, too, to those teams working on the other campaigns for which FCB agencies won awards – FCB Cape Town and Hellocomputer in their own right, and FCB Joburg. Loeries is always a tough competition to do well in with only the best of the best work making it to the podium, so it’s a great achievement to have your work singled out for reward.”


The full list of FCB Africa’s agencies’ Loeries 2016 wins includes:


  • FCB Cape Town and Hellocomputer – CANSA ‘Testi-monials’

Gold: Digital & Interactive - Social Media

Gold: Internet Video - above 30s Darryl

Gold: Digital Crafts - Animation

Silver: Digital & Interactive – Microsite   

Silver (Campaign): Integrated Campaign

Bronze (Campaign): PR Communication Campaign        


  • FCB Joburg

Silver (Campaign): SA Non-English Print Advertising – Hilux – ‘tjie’ Print, ‘'n Vrag Stompe’, ‘’n Vrag Bande’, ‘’n Vrag Hooibale’

Silver: Radio Station Commercials – NetFlorist ‘A War of Words – Anniversary Forgotten’

Bronze (Campaign): SA Non-English Radio Station Commercials – NetFlorist ‘A War of Words – The Kitchen of Fury, Status Liked’

Craft Certificate: Radio Crafts – Original Music & Sound Design – NetFlorist ‘A War of Words – The Kitchen of Fury, Status Liked’


  • FCB Cape Town

Bronze: Digital & Interactive – Applications, Games & Interactive Tools – NetFlorist Happy Cam


  • Hellocomputer

Bronze: Digital & Interactive – Website – Pernod Ricard’s The Inner Circle ‘The Impossible Story’

Craft certificate Digital Crafts – Interface & Navigation – Investec Asset Management Annual Journal ‘Journal 3 - Decoding China’


  • FCB Joburg and Hellocomputer

Silver: Media Innovation – Single Medium Hilux Toyota Tougherer Load