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Debonairs Pizza Launches ‘Awesome Foursome™’

Press Release - South Africa, 10 January 2018

Debonairs Pizza has launched the ‘Awesome Foursome™’, a super pizza comprising four large pizza squares, each measuring 17cm by 17cm, topped with the consumer’s choice of four of six different popular Debonairs Pizza flavour combinations.

The Famous Brands’ 25-year-old quick service restaurant used a 30-second television commercial from FCB Joburg celebrating the diversity of the South African nation to introduce the Awesome Foursome™ to the country.

Marketing Executive Toni Joubert had briefed the agency team late last year (2017) to create a campaign that acknowledges the diversity of South African society and culture.

This, she said, often results in multi-faceted families and groups of friends within Debonairs Pizza’s broad target market of male and females between 25 and 49 years of age. 

“Debonairs Pizza, as one of South Africa’s most loved brands and one that is entrenched in the hearts and souls – not to mention stomachs – of many of its citizens, wanted to pay respect to the differences that make our country the interesting, dynamic, vibrant and loveable place that it is,” she said.

FCB Joburg’s strategic team responded with ‘Celebrate Different’, a concept it believes can live well beyond this first campaign, which goes by the name ‘Someone’s coming over’.

“Celebrate Difference is our Never Finished idea for the Awesome Foursome™,” said Creative Director, Greg Cameron.

“South Africa is an incredibly heterogeneous country with different people, different upbringings, different ideas and different tastes – often existing in one family or group of friends. With six different flavours to choose from, the Awesome Foursome is the ideal meal to satisfy diverse tastes. It makes it so easy to celebrate our differences and enjoy a meal together the way we like it,” he said.

Conceived by Art Director Jonathan Wolberg and Copywriter Paul Frade under the creative direction of Cameron, the TVC broke this week (January 9, 2018) on SABC, eTV and DSTV channels and will be followed within a few weeks by a 20-second cut-down.

The commercial tells the story of a young lady who had invited several very interesting characters to dinner at her parents' place over the years. Her somewhat old-fashioned dad, in particular, had found it difficult to relate to these guests, especially the different ways they had chosen to express their personalities. However, when a beautiful, professional woman accompanies her, in spite of his surprise that she is a woman, he is finally able to relate to the fact that she is a doctor. 

The ad was shot over two days by Darling Films (characters and storyline) and Hungry Films (food scenes) by Mzi Kumalo and Ian Difford respectively. You can view the TVC here:


Client: Famous Brands

Brand: Debonairs Pizza Awesome Foursome™

Marketing Executive: Toni Joubert

Marketing Manager: Monica Sithole

Creative agency: FCB Joburg               

Business Unit Director: Mogani Naidoo

Account Director: Kefilwe Khanda

Account Executive: Kaylyn Naicker

Executive Creative Director: Ahmed Tilly

Creative Director: Greg Cameron

Copywriter:  Paul Frade            

Art Director: Jonathan Wolberg             

Strategic planner: Stuart Sims, Sandiselwe Gamede and Katherine Anousakis    

TV production: Tidimalo Motlhamme                              

Media planners: Jedd Cokayne - The Media Shop                      

Production companies: Darling Films and Hungry Films              

Directors: Mzi Kumalo; Ian Difford                     

Editor: Tessa Ford and Fuel Content                                         

Post-production: Fuel Content