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Eric Lindsay Smithers forms the E Lindsay Smithers Advertising Agent partnership in Joburg. First client: Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company.


The E Lindsay Smithers Advertising Agent partnership converts into a private company, E. Lindsay Smithers (Pty) Ltd, and opens a Durban and Cape Town office.


Eric Lindsay Smithers retires and is succeeded by John MacKay.


In a SA first, E Lindsay Smithers Advertising Agent starts its own research and public relations divisions.


E Lindsay Smithers Advertising Agent is awarded the Toyopet account; the first Toyota model to be sold in SA

The agency launches the ‘Decimal Dan, the rand cent man’ campaign as SA exchanges Pounds, shillings and pence, for rands and cents.


Foote Cone & Belding acquires 24% of the agency, which now trades as Lindsay Smithers-FCB.


Lindsay Smithers-FCB celebrates its 50th anniversary and opens a retail division.


Lindsay Smithers-FCB acquires Jonsson Advertising, a financial advertising specialist agency.


Lindsay Smithers-FCB celebrates 20 years of advertising for Toyota SA.


Lindsay Smithers-FCB buys 50% of An-Ad, a recruitment services company.


Grey Bond & Curtis joins the Lindsay Smithers-FCB group. Lindsay Smithers-FCB establishes a specialist design unit.


Vodacom appoints Lindsay Smithers-FCB to handle its launch; the first for a cellular service provider in SA.


FCB Impact, a specialist promotional campaign agency, is established.


Lindsay Smithers-FCB acquires Electric Ocean, one of SA’s first website design and development companies.


Broughton Advertising in Zambia becomes the first African agency to join the FCB Africa network.


Iziko, Lindsay Smithers-FCB’s internal training programme for young Black people is launched.


Vodacom attains 250 000 subscribers and recognises the agency’s support in achieving this goal.

Toyota SA and Lindsay Smithers-FCB celebrate a partnership spanning 35 years.

Lindsay Smithers-FCB acquires Cape-based agency, Bosman Johnson VVNB.


Lindsay Smithers-FCB Direct ‑ a specialist relationship marketing agency, is established.

Lindsay Smithers-FCB Impact is appointed to work on the South African Football Association’s bid to host the 2006 Soccer World Cup.


The name of the group changes to FCB SA.

First National Bank awards the agency its R40-million account.

Edgars appoints FCB SA.

FCB SA acquires Plato Healthcare Promotions and Azaguys Advertising.

The agency takes first place in 6 of 10 categories at the Pendoring Awards.

The FCB Africa network hosts its first Advanced Advertising Programme.


FCB SA is awarded the Fairfax Cone Award for best creative in the FCB Worldwide network.

FCB SA is Financial Mail’s AdFocus ‘Overall Agency of the Year’ and ‘Large Agency of the Year’.

FCB Design, designs the new South African Coat of Arms.


Shoprite, the third largest advertiser in SA, awards FCB Activ its business.

The US Aid funded Netmark project to fight malaria across Africa is awarded to the FCB Africa network.

FCB SA’s media and strategy units merge to form FCB Headspace.

The agency acquires Joe Public, which will continue to operate independently.

FCB SA is named ‘Overall Agency of the Year’ and ‘Large Agency of the Year’ for the 2nd year in a row by Financial Mail’s AdFocus.


FCB Cape Town takes first place honours in 9 of the 17 categories and best campaign overall at the Pendoring Awards.

FCB Impact is commissioned by First National Bank to produce one of the largest outdoor murals ever undertaken in the country.

FCB Plato Healthcare is named ‘Supplier of the Year for 2002’ by Merck SA’s Pharmaceutical Division.


Helen Wells is the first woman in the history of the FCB SA - Toyota SA relationship to head the agency team.

FCB Electric Ocean is the first agency in SA to be awarded Gold in the online banner category of the Construction Awards.

FCB Cape Town is Finweek’s AdReview Awards’ ‘Intermediate Agency of the Year’.

FCB Joburg wins Finweek’s AdReview Awards ‘Campaign of the Year’ for Vodacom 4U ‘Baby’.

The group dominates the highly acclaimed Pendoring Awards with Gold honours in 8 of the 11 categories.

A newly-formed B-BBEE consortium acquires 26% of FCB SA.


FCB SA wins the Uthingo account.

At the Pendoring Awards, the group wins 4 Golds (3 for FCB Cape Town and 1 for FCB Joburg) and a Silver (FCB Cape Town).

FCB SA wins 22 Golds, Silvers and Bronzes at the Loerie Awards.


Finance Week’s AdReview ranks FCB SA as the top agency in SA for the 2nd year in a row.

In the ‘Top 500 - SA's Best Managed Companies’ survey, FCB SA is ranked 2nd in its category (Media Agencies).

FCB Cape Town wins 6 awards out of 16 finalists at the Pendoring Awards.


FCB SA’s performance on Millward Brown Impact’s liking charts makes history, taking first place in both the developed and emerging markets.

FCB Cape Town is the best performer at the APEX Awards with Gold, Silver and a much-sought after Special Award for ‘Uniquely South African Advertising’.

FCB Cape Town shines at the One Show Design with 2 ‘Pencils’.

FCB Cape Town takes 6 Gold awards at the Pendoring Awards.

FCB Joburg scoops a Cannes Grand Prix. This is Africa’s first ever Cannes Grand Prix.

FCB Worldwide and Draft merge. The new company rebrands as the Draftfcb Group.


Draftfcb SA increases its BEE equity ratio when staffs were given 23.9% of the agency.

Draftfcb Durban is named ‘Durban Agency of the Year’ by AdReview.

The group wins 2 Golds, 3 Silvers and 8 Bronzes at the Loerie Awards.

The group wins 3 Golds and 1 Silver at the Pendoring Awards.

Draftfcb Joburg wins a Gold Lion in the direct mail category.


Draftfcb SA walks away with 2 out of 3 Gold awards made by APEX.


Draftfcb SA achieves a Level 4 Empowerdex Rating to achieve AAA status as a B-BBEE company.

The agency group is the runaway winner at the Pendoring Awards, with 12 Gold and 2 Silver awards.

Draftfcb SA wins a total of 14 Loeries and 2 craft certificates at the Loerie Awards.

The agency group walks away with 6 Golds and 3 Bronzes at Apex.


Of the 7 ‘award’ categories in the 2010 D&AD Annual, 2 go to Draftfcb Joburg.

Draftfcb Joburg wins 2 AdReview awards for ‘The Big Idea’ and ‘Campaign of the Year’.

Draftfcb SA launches the ‘Keep Flying’ campaign after the 2010 FIFA World Cup spectacular.

At the Pendoring Awards, the group wins a special award for ‘Mense se Doring’ (People's Favourite) as voted by the public.


Finweek’s AdReview awards the group ‘The Big Idea Award’ and ‘The Baobab Award’, the latter together with client Toyota.

Draftfcb Joburg is awarded ‘Agency of the Year’ for Gauteng.

Digital specialist Mesh wins ‘Best Newcomer’.

Draftfcb SA wins 5 Loeries, including the second consecutive Gold New Voice Award.

The group dominates the Pendoring Awards with 5 Golds, 5 Silvers and the Prestige Award.

Financial Mail AdFocus name Draftfcb Joburg ‘Advertising Agency of the Year’ and the agency and Toyota SA its ‘Partnership of the Year’.


Draftfcb SA wins ‘The Robyn Putter Top Brand Agency of the Year’ award in the Sunday Times Top Brands Survey.

At the Pendoring Awards, 3 Golds and 1 Silver come the group’s way.

At the Loerie Awards, the group wins 1 Silver and 2 Bronzes.

Draftfcb SA acquires Hellocomputer.


Hellocomputer wins 2 Webbys Honoree Awards.

Hellocomputer is awarded 3 of the 9 Golds awarded at the 2013 Bookmarks.

Draftfcb Cape Town is awarded a One Show Pencil, and wins a Silver and Bronze in Cannes.

Draftfcb SA takes 7 Pendorings, including the Prestige Award.

The group’s tally at the Loerie Awards includes a Grand Prix, 4 Silvers and 4 Bronzes.

At the Apex Awards, the group takes home a Silver Apex and a Bronze Apex.


The Draftfcb group rebrands to FCB.

FCB SA is the best performing agency group at the Creative Circle’s Ad of the Year Awards’.

FCB SA wins 11 awards at the Loerie Awards, including a Grand Prix.

For the 2nd time in three years, the group is awarded the ‘Robyn Putter Top Brand Agency of the Year Award’ in the Sunday Times Top Brands Survey.

Hellocomputer is named ‘Digital and Integrated Agency of the Year’ at the Tony Koenderman AdReview Advertising Awards.

FCB Joburg notches up another ‘Campaign of the Year’ win the same awards.

FCB Joburg wins 6 Cannes Lions – a Gold, 2 Silvers and 2 Bronzes.

FCB Joburg heads the Loerie Awards Overall Ranking By Agency table.

FCB Joburg wins the AdFocus ‘Envy Award’.

Hellocomputer is named ‘Digital Agency of the Year’ by AdFocus.

The group’s showing at the Pendoring Awards includes 1 Gold and 4 Silver Pendorings.

FCB SA launches the Giant Flag, a South African flag created by different coloured dessert succulents, that once complete will be visible from space.


FCB SA is awarded the ‘Robyn Putter Top Brand Agency of the Year Award’ for the 3rd time in 4 years at the Sunday Times Top Brands Survey awards ceremony.

FCB Joburg wins 2 Grand Awards at the 2015 New York Festival International Advertising Awards. FCB Joburg is honoured with 2 D&AD Wood Pencils and 1 Graphite Pencil.

FCB Cape Town wins 6 awards at the Pendoring Awards, including 1 Gold and 5 Silvers.

FCB SA drops ‘South’ from its name to become FCB Africa.


The Maharishi Institute in Joburg acquires 15% of FCB Africa to boosts FCB’s total black ownership to over 51% and total black female ownership to over 31%.

Maserame Mouyeme joins FCB Africa as group non-executive chairman.

At the 2016 Loerie Advertising Awards, FCB Cape Town and Hellocomputer’s collaboration on a campaign for CANSA – ‘Testi-monials’ – notches up 3 Golds, 2 Silvers and a Bronze.

FCB Africa claims the Robyn Putter Award for the 3rd consecutive year. This is the group’s fifth Robyn Putter Award in total.

FCB Joburg takes pole position on the first ever Pendoring Awards official ranking table.

Sister agency, FCB 1886, places 7th on the first ever Pendoring Awards official ranking table while FCB Cape Town just misses a position in the top 10 ranked agencies.

ABSA awards its business to FCB Joburg.

AdFocus names FCB Joburg ‘Large Advertising Agency of the Year’.

Hellocomputer is AdFocus’ ‘Digital Agency of the Year’.

FCB Africa CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Brett Morris, is AdFocus’ ‘Agency Leader of the Year’.


FCB Africa hosts the annual FCB Global Leaders conference in Cape Town.

FCB Joburg wins SA’s only Gold Pencil from One Show 2017, and takes a Special Award winner for One Show’s ‘Best of Radio’ for NetFlorist.

FCB Joburg wins a Graphite Pencil from D&AD for NetFlorist.

FCB Cape Town wins 3 Cannes Lions – 2 Silver (for Bloom’s Pharmacy) and 1 Bronze (for Exclusive Books).

FCB Joburg is named as AdFocus’ Large Agency of the Year and Agency of the Year.

FCB Africa wins Sasol


FCB Group CEO Brett Morris is named by Marklives as the most-admired agency boss in South Africa in 2017, an honour he received in 2016, as well as the most-admired agency boss in Johannesburg, an honour he received in 2016, 2015 and 2014.

FCB Africa and its agencies – FCB Cape Town, FCB Joburg and Hellocomputer – landed 11 Pixels for five different clients the 2018 IAB Bookmark Awards, including a highly sought after Black Pixel.

FCB Africa was named Agency of the Year at the inaugural edition of the CICLOPE Awards, the only festival dedicated to recognising craft in advertising and moving image.

At the 2018 Loeries awards, FCB Cape Town won a Silver for its campaign for Western Cape Government, Safely Home “Boys”.

FCB Joburg won Gold, 2 Silver, Bronze, Gold Craft and a Craft certificate for clients Toyota SA, Hilux Hill Assist – "Just another Road", "Anniversary", "Lobola" and "Boss Man"; South Africa Tourism for Africa’s Travel Indaba, "It’s Your Country – Enjoy It – Wine" and "Bheki uMbhaco Maker".

FCB Joburg also won an award at the Sports Industry Awards 2018 for the Best Use of Social Media for client Toyota SA's Toyota Fortuner 4x4 Challenge 2017.

FCB Africa and Toyota SA won the Partnership of the Year Award at the Financial Mail AdFocus awards.