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We create media-neutral ideas that set potential free by focusing on creating change. Every day our work influences thousands of decisions consumers make about all kinds of things. We do this by delivering creative platforms that have the unique power to engage, inspire and move.

Brand Consulting

Our brand consulting group has a singular purpose - to create purpose-driven brands. Those that connect with and capture consumers' imagination and passion. Our holistic approach and process are designed to create the assets, systems and guidelines necessary to define and differentiate a brand.

Experiential Events/Sponsorships

At the intersection of digital and live… that's where we deliver. With a fully integrated approach, we take brands from strategic planning through creative development to experiential activation. We create powerful brand experiences—in-stadium, in-store and on the street—to generate exponential results. That's the "Power of X."


With more than 30 years of experience marketing to physicians, patients and consumers, FCB Health produces work that is both strategically relevant and creatively compelling. We provide our clients with multichannel capabilities, including scientific services, strategic planning and media and have developed long-standing relationships with 17 of the top 20 healthcare companies.

Institute of Decision Making

The last decade has seen an unprecedented surge in understanding how humans make decisions, which has profound implications for marketers. The Institute of Decision Making exists to ensure understands and applies this consumer behavior knowledge to create more effective messages for our clients.

Promotions, Retail and Shopper Marketing

We interpret, inspire and transform shopper behavior from initial engagement through ultimate consumer advocacy. Creating compelling reasons to buy, we give brands a competitive edge at every point of persuasion, across ever-demanding retail environments. No other leading agency links shopper science and consumer communication expertise as powerfully through the line.

Strategic Analytics

We believe that intelligent analytics creates the bridge between the best ideas and the relationships we want to establish. To that end, we strive to always recognize the rational and emotional consumer that data attempts to represent.

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning and insights team includes traditional planners, data gurus, digital natives, game theorists and behavioral economists. Each strategist delivers a unique combination of insight and perspective that incites ideas that lead to brilliant creative. The goal is to inspire a brilliant brief so clients can set their brand's potential free.

Brand Engagement & Activation

Engagement starts here. Through our brand activation and direct response capability, we drive behavior change with insights, ideas and creativity that inspire people to engage, buy and stay loyal. FCB has been the #1 PROMO 100 agency five years running. Approaching 40 years of award-winning success, we operate globally across channels.

Digital, Social Media, Mobile

FCB has nearly two decades of experience designing and developing digital experiences based on our principle of Behavior First, Technology Second. We believe that consumers have specific needs at different times and places and we match or create technology to help meet those needs. Our goal of connecting behavior to technology spans the entire digital spectrum from sites to social, mobile to tablet, and beyond.

Direct Marketing & CRM

We are global CRM innovators and collaborators who seek to identify and build consumer relationships that create long-term value. We harness the power of robust data analytics, current and emerging technologies, and technology partners to create brilliant, consumer-centric strategies and deliver inspiring, engaging and actionable communications.